VxWorks / Tornado II FAQ

Change history

August 2005

  1. Added search box to main page. (Search box)

July 2005

  1. Integrated vxw_pt2_ppc.html into main vxw_pt2.html again.
  2. Copied some QA's from an old FAQ.
  3. Error message from compiler, caused by spaces in environment variables. (1.1-U)
  4. Sharing project files between developers(1.7-E)
  5. Problem with application aborted when a telnet session is started. (1.9-L)
  6. Added section on Tornado Migration, included question on prjMigrate. (1.11-A)
  7. Instrunctions on how to boot and download using a serial port. (2.3-Q)
  8. Maximum number of files in a directory. (3.1-J)
  9. Problems compiling TFFS under T2.2 (3.2-K)
  10. Instructions on creating a RAM-disk(3.4-B)
  11. Using /null device for disabling outpur from shell(3.5-J)
  12. Problem with loss of fragmented UDP messages. (4.1-I)
  13. Setting MUX_MAX_BINDS to the correct value when creating multiple interfaces. (4.1-J)
  14. Change timeout for UDP fragmentation. (4.1-K)
  15. Retrieving the IP address and port number of a socket connection. (4.1-L)
  16. Problem with arpresolve error. (4.2-D)
  17. Addition to 4.4-F, indicating which exact key to use (4.4-F)
  18. Maximum size of an FTP file transfer (4.4-H)
  19. Default directory for FTP transfers(4.4-I)
  20. Question on Rsh(4.8-Q)
  21. Added section about malloc and memory problems. (5.4A)
  22. VxWorks port of Doug Lea's memory allocator (5.4A-A)
  23. Task is suspended in memPartFree (5.4A-B)
  24. Invallid block error in memPartFree(5.4A-C)
  25. Adding a callback to an SNTP server (5.10-K)
  26. Startup of logMsg gives a message lost message (5.13-G)
  27. Added some links, fixed some broken links (9)

April 2004

  1. Problem with accuracy of PPC system clock (2.2.1-J)
  2. Problem with muxDevUnload followed by muxDevLoad. (4.8-P)

August 2003

  1. Problem with including inline assembler (1.1-T)
  2. VisionClick: DriverX installation breaking standby/hybernate mode of Windows 2000(1.2-E)
  3. Question about WTX Error 0x100de (AGENT_COMMUNICATION_ERROR) (1.4-G)
  4. Problem with exporting data from WindView to Excel (1.15-E)
  5. Use of "/tffs0" vs. "/tffs0/" (3.5-H)
  6. Setting the TIMEZONE environment variable(5.11-H)
  7. Getting the VxWorks and kernel version number (5.15-E)

July 2003

  1. A lot of HTML code changes
  2. Slow compilation on T2.2(1.1-P)
  3. Excesive code size when compiling C++ code(1.1-Q)
  4. Details on the WRS verson of GCC 2.96 (1.1-R)
  5. The Diab equivalent of the GCC -mlongcall option(1.1-S)
  6. Host application crashes when using WTX-API library functions(1.4-F)
  7. Problems starting the debugger(1.11.2-E)
  8. Broadcasts do not work anymore with the FEC of the 8260 after upgrading from T2.0 to T2.0.2 (2.2.1-I)
  9. Creating a bootable HD(2.3-P)
  10. Changed code on how to add a device to the network stack (4.1-B)
  11. Question on changing the ARP timeout (4.2-C)
  12. DHCP client not accepting the DHCP offer(4.3-G)
  13. Probems connecting to the XP FTP server (4.4-F)
  14. Problems with the FTP PWD command on the VxWorks FTP server(4.4-G)
  15. How to set the Uername and Password for PPP with CHAP (4.5-B)
  16. Added link to extra snoop tool (4.8-C1)
  17. Added Tilcon to list of Zinc alternatives (5.13-B)
  18. [AE] Creating application domain tasks from a priviliged domain (5.15-B)
  19. Added note on use of the OpenSSL example Makefile in 6.9-A.
  20. Split-up the links section in seperate parts and added some links (Links)
  21. Creating a bootrom to use netboot using PXE (PC-BSP 3-D)

January 2003

  1. Information about Scheme for Vxworks (6.10-A)

October 2002

  1. Added description on how to install multiple architectures into one tree using Tornado 2.2 (1.5-D2)
  2. Added function to change IP address of an interface (4.1-F2)
  3. Question on arptnew failed (4.2-B)
  4. Added link to Amazon.co.uk in Books section

September 2002

  1. Error FD Obsolete when using TFFS (3.2-J)
  2. Added link to OneSmartClick.com(Other links)
  3. Also added link to The Linux PCI IC Repository
  4. Added "newbie" section (Part 0)

August 2002

  1. Inspecting static variables (1.9-K)

August 2002

  1. Changed email address
  2. Function to grab output of shell command (1.9-J)

June 2002

  1. Added memory heap check module (5.14-E)

June 2002

  1. Definition of BSP (2.1-B)
  2. Difference between VxWorks watchdog and Posix watchdog mechanism (5.11-J)
  3. How to change the address of an ethernet interface (4.1-H)
  4. Added link to article on memory testing

April 2002

  1. Added link to BGSH in links section and added short item to target shell section (1.9-I)
  2. Difference between BSD and END drivers (4.8-O)
  3. Tool to make font of simulator readable (5.9-D)

March 2002

  1. Addition to 1.1-C, increase number of warnings by GCC (1.1-C)
  2. Addition to speeding up compilation process (1.1-L)
  3. Problem with Cygwin DLL (1.1-O)
  4. Creating encrypted passwords (1.4-E)
  5. Tasked listed serveral times in WindView (1.15-D)
  6. Reduce flash-wear caused by updating "last accessed" field (3.2-I)
  7. Change from file pointer to file descriptor (3.5-F)
  8. PPP crashing on large number of small file transfers (FTP) (4.5-A)
  9. Function to delete IP address (4.8-K)
  10. Example on how to get the default gateway from boot parameters (4.8-L)
  11. Problems with high speed networks and netTask (4.8-M)
  12. Getting a list of all network devices (4.8-N)
  13. Use of C++ in ISRs (5.3-C)
  14. Explanation about intlock (5.3-D)
  15. Added another idle monitor tool (5.11-F)
  16. OpenGL programs running under VxWorks (5.13-F)
  17. Autostarting a loaded module (5.14-D)
  18. Added VxWorks AE section (5.15)
  19. Access fixed address register from within a user domain (5.15-A)
  20. Hanging HTTP server after a number of requests (6.4-B)
  21. Problem with Intel 82559ER (PC-BSP 3-C)

February 2002

  1. Memory leaks when using the shell (1.9-H)
  2. General question about version control: what to check in (1.12-B)
  3. Problem starting PC-board with bootrom.sys (2.3-O)
  4. Problem with NFS and DosFS1 (3.1-H)
  5. Mounting and unmounting TFFS devices (3.2-G)
  6. Access large flash devices using TFFS (3.2-H)
  7. Enabling debug info of the FTP server (4.4-E)
  8. Gotcha with C++ static constructors and GCC 2.95.x (PPC) (5.1-E)
  9. Addition to part about building decompress function (5.14-C)

Januari 2002

  1. Using C++ style comments in a C program (1.1-N)
  2. Problems with DosFS2 on PPC603/604 platform (3.1-I)
  3. Question about errno 226 when closing a file (3.5-G)
  4. Adding a alphanumic keypad to Zinc (5.13-E)

November 2001

  1. Added WindRivers description of Super Projects (1.7.2)

October 2001

  1. Placing a segment at a specific absolute address (1.1-M)
  2. Explanation on why breakpoints are not visible in the shell (1.2-C)
  3. Change format of user events in WindView (1.15-C)
  4. Modified description of dependencies generation (1.7-D)
  5. Reading characters on the shell-port (1.9-G)
  6. Information on implementing PCMCIA on StrongARM (2.2.4-B)
  7. Expanding memory using external VME memory (2.5-B)
  8. Problems caused by another VME card generating a bus error(2.5-C)
  9. Information on unmounting a DOS filesystem (3.1-G)
  10. Defragmenting a TFFS volume (3.2-F)
  11. Using files greater than 4 Gbytes (3.5-D)
  12. Using DHCP in combination with WDB on the same port (4.3-F)
  13. Sockets ending up in TIMED_WAIT state (4.6-B)
  14. Added section about PPP on Solaris (4.5.3-A)
  15. rsh deamon for VxWorks (4.8-J)
  16. 2 simulators communicating on Solaris (5.9-E)
  17. In which context are timerroutines executed (5.11-I)
  18. Zinc: avoiding blocking input to editbox if a combobox is available (5.13-C)
  19. Saving and restoring the screencontents using windML (5.13-D)
  20. Explanation on error numbers (5.14-A)
  21. Demo using sigVecSet on bus errors (5.14-B)
  22. Section about using zLib (5.14-C)
  23. Extension to the part about SSL (6.9-A)
  24. Removed link to Softrealtime website (9)
  25. Information on the MVME2700 printer port (4-A)

August 2001

  1. Info about trigraphs (1.1-K)
  2. Problems with last stage of compilation/linking (1.1-L)
  3. Problems running VXSYS under NT (1.4-D)
  4. Problem with generating dependencies(1.7-D)
  5. Increasing the linelength of the shell(1.9-F)
  6. Document describing how to tune the network stack (4.1-D)
  7. Problem with fontsize in VxSim(5.9-D)
  8. Example on how to use timers (5.11-G)
  9. Rollover in sysUpTime (SNMP)(5.11-H)
  10. Alternatives to Zinc(5.13-B)
  11. Addition to memory leak item (6.2-A1)
  12. Added reference to instructions on building ACE (6.3-A)

July 2001

  1. Some minor modifications (HTML, small changes)

June 2001

(Yes, finally some time for a major update!)
  1. Packed structures (1.1-G)
  2. Calling C++ functions from a C-file (1.1-H)
  3. Question about -fvolatile (1.1-I)
  4. Problems with cross-references during link-stage (1.1-J)
  5. Start debugging a task right after creation (1.2-B)
  6. Calling functions from target shell with increasing parameter (1.9-D)
  7. Listing all 2 letter symbols (1.9-E)
  8. Question about undefined symbols (mangled names) in shell (1.14-E)
  9. The long timerticks WindView sometimes displays (1.15-A)
  10. How to create a WindView user events (1.15-B)
  11. Created seperate page for PPC specific issues (vxw_pt2_ppc.html)
  12. Added information about PPC stacks (2.2.1-F)
  13. Added reference to vxTimeBaseGet for PPC (2.2.1-G)
  14. Function cacheArchInvalidate not according to EABI standards (2.2.1-H)
  15. Added WindRiver comments about e_flags on MIPS architecture (2.2.3-A)
  16. Question about undefined ___fixunsdfsi-symbol (2.2.4-A)
  17. Addition to part about Solaris ndd command (2.3-G)
  18. Explanation of the hostname boot-parameter (2.3-M)
  19. Question about unresolved symbols when booting from Disk On Chip (2.3-N)
  20. Use of raw filesystem with FTP (3.1-D)
  21. Problem with creating a directory, DosFS2 and chkdsk (3.1-E)
  22. Problems with the TFFS/DosFS2 data cache write task (3.1-F)
  23. Problems with lowlevel StrataFlash TFFS drivers (3.2-E)
  24. Using more than 256 descriptors in a select call (3.5-C)
  25. Problems with T202 DHCP client and Solaris DHCP server (4.3-D)
  26. Question about DHCP tags (4.3-E)
  27. Changing the priority of the TFTP-task (4.4-C)
  28. Reference to FTP server code (4.4-D)
  29. Setting the default gateway (4.8-E)
  30. Question about getting the MAC address (4.8-F)
  31. Implementation of well-known port 7 (4.8-G)
  32. Question about netPoolDelete (4.8-H)
  33. Change the MAC-address (4.8-I)
  34. Mounting a ATA-CDROM drive (3.5-E)
  35. Added C++ section (5.1)
  36. System crashes after downloading C++ code (5.1-A)
  37. Preferred extension for C++ files (5.1-D)
  38. Question about WorkQPanic (5.3-B)
  39. Example of pthreads added (5.6-A)
  40. VxWorks API on top of pthreads API (5.6-B)
  41. Added part about semaphores (5.8)
  42. Problem with priority inversion of semaphores (5.8-A)
  43. Added part to simulator memory configuration (5.9-B)
  44. Multiple simulators on Win2K (5.9-C)
  45. Creating a stack-trace using trcStack (5.10-E)
  46. Spawning a task using a C++ method (5.10-F)
  47. Detect and print stack overflow (5.10-G)
  48. Errors in timer modules (5.11-D)
  49. Creating repeat with small delay without busy-wait (5.11-E)
  50. Tool to monitor processor load (5.11-F)
  51. Problems with applets loading using IE (5.12-B)
  52. Added section about Zinc (5.13)
  53. Question about getting the current mouse pointer (5.13-A)
  54. Refernce to Lawrence C. Hoff implementation of SNMP agent (6.7-C)
  55. Section about encryption added (6.9-A)
  56. Added link to http://www.eventhelix.com/ThoughtProjects (Other links)
  57. Changing the video-mode in a PC-BSP (PC-BSP 6-A)
  58. Addition to question about PCI-configuration (2.7-A)

April 2001

  1. Added question about multiple architectures (1.5-D)
  2. Added new PC timerstamp driver (pc-bsp 5)

February 2001

  1. Added reference to the page from Dave Korn about an update of the compiler
  2. Added question about repeating commands in host shell
  3. How to decrease the last step of the compilation process (1.1-F)
  4. Question about order of execution for a taskDelete(taskIdSelf).
  5. Question about WTX tools
  6. Question about reference to init.tcl file (1.4-C)

January 2001

  1. Added DHCP problem: interfaces stop working
  2. Added "dc0 - no carrier"
  3. Added question about task priotities
  4. Added section about lint
  5. Added description of the global FTD server variables

December 2000

  1. Reorganisation: moved all network related items to part 4, renamed to Network (was PPP)
  2. Added some more network related items

November 2000

  1. Added NTP code
  2. Added problem with wu_ftpd in RedHat distribution
  3. Added PCI section to chapter 2
  4. Added tool to convert output from GCC to Visual Studio format
  5. Added part about building Envoy SNMP server
  6. Added question about contrunctors and destructors in GCC 2.95.2
  7. Question about adding a second 79C973 NIC

September 2000

  1. How to change the priority of the telnet task
  2. How to increase the memory of the simulator
  3. Added description on how to create a boot-(hard-)disk
  4. Added sources files to support SCC ports on MBX860 board (and other PPC860 processors)
  5. Added example of a lease storage routine and address storage routine for use in a DHCP server
  6. Information on how to add .CC extension to Visual Studio
  7. Problem with LD command from script on NT and Unix

August 2000

  1. Error in usrSerial.c
  2. Error in prj_vxWorks.tcl
  3. Location of the windsh.tcl file
  4. Changes to memDrv component example
  5. Added link to Tornado Prototyper

July 2000

  1. Structure packing on I960
  2. "Target not initialised" question
  3. Added description on where to get replacement Telnet server
  4. Added problems with PPC860 between B5 and D3 release (different interface to Ethernet controler)
  5. Added debugger part and question about RDB
  6. Question about Watchdog timers
  7. Added SimNT BSP page
  8. Addition to use of remote registry on local machine
  9. Added question about missing eabi symbol (main routine)
  10. Added reference to performance information
  11. Addition to W2000 part
  12. Description on how to build documentation using make
  13. Added item on how to avoid formating an initialised RAM-disk
  14. Q3.1-A: only applicable for the original DosFS
  15. Added link to zlib homepage
  16. Added Win2000 problems
  17. Added description on using PC console vs. SIO console

June 2000

  1. Added index to all source files.
  2. Added extra compiler warnings (see files as C++ files)

May 2000

  1. Added TOD RTC clock for PC BSP
  2. Added sysLib.c extensions (PC-BSP)
  3. Added VxHttp.c
  4. Changed description of VPATH
  5. Added makeGen.tcl

April 2000

  1. Added solution for avoiding multiple Tornado sessions when opening files using the Windows explorer
  2. Added JFFS site
  3. Added measurement function for PPC
  4. Changed description of ASM/C output, did not work for Tornado environment
  5. Added VxSniff.c
  6. Question about SW floating point emulation on PC
  7. Added index to BSP pages to Ch. 2 index
  8. Question about adding .o files to a project
  9. Added question about Wind Web Server
  10. Multi boot question
  11. Changed copyright year
  12. Question about connection between VxWorks and NT using BSD-TCP streams
  13. Question about 3c509B

March 2000

  1. Added index to pages and overall index
  2. Changed question about msgQDelete
  3. Added getTime for MVME2300
  4. Question about dosFs withou target shell
  5. Added description on how to use Raw-FS on TFFS
  6. Reboot using Ctrl-X
  7. intDisconnect added

February 2000

  1. Added MV2308 and MCP750 BSP's
  2. Several bootstrap related questions
  3. Problem with msgQDelete
  4. Added section about host tools

January 2000

  1. Added solution for CRLF/LF problem in project files
  2. Added NT to list of platforms for c-files.reg
  3. Added filesize 0 problem to DOSFS
  4. Added item to Target server problem (use remote registry)
  5. Problem with processing bootline
  6. Added example for use of NTP
  7. Added PC-BSP reference, with keyboard problem
  8. Added index to part 5
  9. Added section about telnet to part 1
  10. Added examples on how to use taskInit
  11. Moved text on first page to bottom of page.
  12. Added reference to VxWorks Introduction.

December 1999

  1. Added part about installation, moved c-files.reg
  2. Added description on how to generate listing file

November 1999

  1. Added another solution to problem with usrFdInit
  2. Added new section Processor specific issues
  3. Changed redirection part, moved examples to seperate files
  4. Added c-files.reg and description on restoring file types.
  5. Added memory check function
  6. Added virtual I/O redirection
  7. Added solution for debugger windows off-screen.
  8. Moved chapter 4 and 5 to 5 and 6
  9. Added new chapter 4: Network problems, with description of PPP.
  10. Added Corba engine section to part 5.

October 1999

  1. Added section Other to part 1.
  2. Added question about TSR-tool: crash when sending attachment in MAPI mode.
  3. Added question about initalising the Floppy-drive device.
  4. Added question about long wait during boot over FTP link
  5. Added question about not compiling usrConfig.c
  6. Question Q.1.7.4 added: How to execute a target shell command from the host shell.
  7. Changed Ch. 2.2 to Ch. 2.3, and added new Ch. 2.2: Bootstrap
  8. Added Q.4.3: how to detect failure of loadModule
  9. Split up VxWorks page in seperate pages per chapter
  10. Created Change history page.

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