VxWorks / Tornado II FAQ

Tornado II

Web VxWorks FAQ

0. Introduction and Getting Started

0.1 Introduction

0.2 Books

0.3 Links

1. Tool problems

1.1 Compiler and Linker

1.2 Debugger

1.3 FTP

1.4 Host tools

1.5 Installation

1.6 Make

1.7 Project facility

1.7.1 Hierarchical projects

1.7.2 Super projects

1.8 Target server

1.9 Target shell

1.10 Telnet

1.11 Tornado

1.11.1 Tornado (General)

1.11.2 Tornado (Windows)

1.11.3 Migration

1.12 Version control

1.13 Visual Studio integration

1.14 Windsh

1.15 Windview

2. Changes/additions to be made to BSP's

2.1 Different BSP's

2.2 Processor specific issues

2.2.1 Power PC

2.2.2 I960

2.2.3 MIPS

2.2.4 ARM

2.3 Bootstrap

2.4 Adding component to your VxWorks configuration

2.5 VME problems

2.6 VxWorks environment

2.6.1 usrSerial.c

2.6.2 prj_vxworks.tcl

2.7 PCI problems

3. File System problems

3.1 Dos file system

3.2 Flash File system

3.3 Floppy-disk File system

3.4 RAM-disk File system

3.5 General file system questions

4. Network

4.1 Configuration problems

4.2 ARP

4.3 DHCP

4.4 FTP and TFTP

4.5 PPP

4.5.1 PPP on Windows 95

4.5.2 PPP on Windows NT

4.5.3 PPP on Solaris

4.6 Sockets

4.7 Telnet

4.8 Other network related questions

5. VxWorks Questions

5.1 C++ issues

5.2 Communication problems

5.3 Interrupts

5.4 LoadModule problems

5.4A malloc and other memory issues

5.5 pthreads

5.6 Reboot

5.7 Semaphores

5.8 Simulator (VxSim)

5.9 Task related items

5.10 Time related items

5.11 Wind Web Server related items

5.12 Zinc/windML related items

5.13 Other items

5.14 VxWorks AE questions

6. Extra information

6.1 Hard delay

6.2 Memory leaks

6.3 Corba

6.4 Web servers

6.5 NTP usage

6.6 Performance / Benchmarks

6.7 SNMP

6.8 Lint

6.9 Encryption

6.10 AI languages

9. Links

9.1 VxWorks introduction links and help pages

9.2 Extensions to VxWorks

9.3 Other links

9.4 Some FTP sites

Overall question index

Overall Sources index

Change history


On this page I try to answer as many questions as possible about Tornado II and VxWorks. Some of these problems and answers I found myself or were sent to me by other, but most of them are collected from the newsgroup comp.os.vxworks. All items that were collected this way have a reference to the author, except those who indicated that they preferred not to be mentioned.

If you have any additions to this page or any comments please let me (Johan Borkhuis) know, so I can improve this page.

I did not check all of these items, so I cannot guarantee that they are working, but I did check in the newsgroup to see if there were any indications that they did not work. If so the item is deleted.

A number of items were however created by me. For these I am pretty sure that they are working. It might not be the best solution, but for me they are working. If you have another solution for any of the problems indicated or have problems with one of them please let me know.


I got a number of requests for downloadable copies of this site. This would take to much time, and I cannot guarantee that the archive would be acurate.

A better way to download the site is to use a mirroring tool like wget. The command to create a copy with wget is:
wget -m -np http://www.xs4all.nl/~borkhuis/vxworks/vxworks.html
This will download the complete site with all files, but data external to this site.

Downloading is allowed for use on private networks in an unmodified form, but not to put it on a public accessible website!

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