VxWorks / Tornado II FAQ

Overall question index

0.1 A Introduction
B Brief History of VxWorks
C What are differences between traditional UNIX and VxWorks?
0.2 A Book: "Tornado and VxWorks. What's not in the manual"
B Links to webshops
0.3 A Some links
1.1 A When I want to link some object files to one, there was one error "ldppc:built in linker script:43: syntax error" How do I get rid of this error?
B How do I upgrade to a new version of the compiler?
C When compiling the code with another compiler I get many more warnings and errors. How can I get GCC to generate more warnings?
D When I compile my module everything is OK, but when I try to download this module I get an error on a missing symbol "__eabi".
E Problems using the compiler version 2.95.2 with current libraries
F How can I decrease the time of the last step in the compile process (the munching)?
G How do define a structure without holes in it?
H How can I call a C++ function from within a C-file?
I Is the -fvolatile flag really needed?
J I do a link with a lot of archives, now the linker has problems resolving the cross references between the archives.
K What does the warning "trigraphs occured" mean?
L Why does the final stage of compilation take so long with a large file?
M How can I load a segment at a specific absolute address?
N I get an error when I use C++ style comment. How can I change this?
O When I compile I get the errors about parameters/options to cc1.
P After upgrading from T2.0 to T2.2 the compilation becomes much slower
Q When compiling C++ code (STL) the object size explodes
R Details on version GCC 2.96 distributed by WindRiver
S What is the Diab equivalent for the GCC option -mlongcall.
T Why can't I use inline assembler code in my program?
U Getting strange error message from the compiler
1.2 A How do I use a "plain" version of GDB to debug my target, so without using Tornado?
B How do I stop a task after creation, so I can debug it from the start?
C Why can't I see breakpoints when examining memory using the shell?
D Why is GDB so slow?
E After installing visionClick I was not able to go to standby mode or hybernate in Windows 2000.
1.4 A I made a rom based version of VxWorks (vxWorks_rom), but when I try to convert this to a bin version (vxworks_rom.bin) using elftobin I get an error. How can I convert this image to a binary format?
B How do I write a WTX tool?
C How can I get a directory overview of the target from the host shell?
D Problems running VXSYS under NT
E How can I create (encrypted) passwords?
F When building an application using the wtxapi DLL the applications crashes with an exception in the strlen function.
G Why am I getting a WTX Error 0x100de (AGENT_COMMUNICATION_ERROR)?
1.5 A When I try to install the GNU source CD I get an error message about the file aux.h (permission denied). But that file does not exist. What is happening?
B After I install Tornado or a patch to Tornado all my C-file types are removed and Tornado is used to open the files. How can I change this back to my normal editor?
C Can I reuse a Tornado session when I open a file using the MS-Windows explorer?
D Is it possible to install multiple architectures into one tree?
1.6 A Make can't find my include files in a separate directory
B Why does make not regenerate my project after I changed a file in the BSP directory (for example sysSerial.c) ?
C How do I generate a linker list from within my project?
D How do I generate a combined C and assembly file?
E How do I add extra .o files to my project?
F I want to generate documentation using make man for some extra files in my BSP, but only the documentation for sysLib.c gets updated.
1.7 A The project facility cannot be used with sub-projects within a project. How do I manage these kind of projects?
B When I make changes to the file usrConfig.c the changes are not in my application. How can I have these compiled into my application?
C How do I regenerate the project files outside of Tornado?
D When I generate dependencies some of the dependencies are missing.
E How can we share WPJ files between developers, where the developers have different locations for their development trees?
1.8 A How do I start a target server outside of Tornado?
B Normally my code takes a couple of seconds to load. But now I added a small application and it takes ages before my application is loaded. How can I speed-up the download again?
C When I start the Targetserver I get an WTX error. It also says synchronisation stopped. How can I fix this?
D When I enter a command in the shell I get the message "The target system is not initialized yet. Can't proceed."
1.9 A When I exclude the shell from my project I get an error executing dosFsDevInit. How can I include DOS FS without the shell?
B On startup WindShell is supposed to start the file windsh.tcl, but it is not executed.
C When I execute ping "myHost" there seems to be memory lost in the target shell. Why is the shell losing memory?
D How can I repeat a command with an increasing parameter?
E How can I list all known 2 letter symbols using lkup?
F How do I increase the maximim linelength of the target shell from 128 characters?
G How can I get my application to read data on the port the shell is using?
H When I execute a command from the shell with a string in it, I experience a memory leak. Why does this happen?
I Are there any alternatives for the target shell?
J How can I execute shell commands from my program and use the output?
K How can I inspect static variables?
L When I start a telnet session the application that is running from within the shell is aborted.
1.11.1 A How do I redirect the virtual console output to a file?
B How do I redirect standard I/O to another device?
C How can I repeat a command from the host shell with increasing parameters?
1.11.2 A The TSR tool crashes when I try to report a TSR and attach a file.
B One of the windows of the debugger has disapeared. When I press the button in the toolbar or select the window using the Debug menu nothing happens.
C When I am building the build process hangs somewhere during the build (for example on a the command vxrm.
D When I use Tornado under Windows 2000 the build process seems go wrong, when it works fine under 9x and Windows NT.
E I cannot start the debugger.
1.11.3 A When running prjMigrate while porting from T2.0 to T2.2 I get an error message.
1.12 A After I check out a project no files are shown in the workspace window
B Should I put the complete Tornado tree under version control or not?
1.13 A We would like to integrate Visual Studio to be the editor that T2 uses. (Tools --> options --> External Editor). How can we manage this?
B How can I tell Visual Studio that .CC is also a C-file extension?
C When using Visual Studio as development environment and the GNU compiler to compile Visual Studio does not recognise the output of the compiler.
1.14 A How do I create a startup file for Windsh?
B When I call a function with float or double parameters from Windsh the parameters get corrupted.
C How do I change the command prompt?
D How can I get a directory overview of the target from the host shell?
E I get an "undefined symbol" error trying to execute a function, when the symbol is known.
1.15 A What causes the long timerticks in WindView?
B How to create WindView user events?
C How can I modify the default format for user events from raw hex data?
D In WindView task are listed several times
E Why does the export to Excel function not work?
1.7.1 A The project facility cannot be used with sub-projects within a project. How do I manage these kind of projects?
1.7.2 A WindRiver calls this mechanism Super Projects. A description can be found in the Tornado Getting Started guide.
2.1 A Where can I find documentation on how to build a BSP?
B What is the definition of a BSP?
2.2.1 A I added memory to my board and now I get an error when I load the file. I increased the size from 32Mb to 64 Mb.
B When I run VxWorks from a "ROM"-ed version it runs a lot slower than when it runs from a RAM version loaded over the network.
C I am using PPC860 / 850 BSP on a custom board and I receive the following error message "uninitialized interrupt" from time to time.
D How can I measure the time a function takes to execute?
E I have a problem with the PPC860 FEC code to get the ethernet controller working.
F How is the stack for Power organised?
G Is there a high-speed clock available?
H Function cacheArchInvalidate does not comply to EABI specifications.
I Broadcasts (ARP requests) do not work anymore after upgrading from T2.0 to T2.0.2
J Why is the system clock on the PPC not accurate?
2.2.2 A Is there a compiler option or other method to compile under GNU for i960 byte aligned structures (PACKED)?
2.2.3 A When I compile I get a lot of "... uses different e_flags ..." messages. What do these messages mean?
2.2.4 A Why am I getting the "unresolved symbol ___fixunsdfsi" error?
B Information on implementing PCMCIA on StrongARM.
2.3 A How do I change the value of the counter during boot?
B How can I change the boot parameters without a physcial serial to my target to change these at boot time?
C I get the message "Error in boot line:". Why is this message generated and how can I get rid of it?
D When I try to boot my PC target using vxload I boot DOS without any config.sys or autoexec.bat. But still I get the error "Not enough memory to load". How can I get more memory available?
E When I try to start an VxWorks image from T1 it runs, but when I try to start the image compiled under T2 the system freezes.
F Is it possible to boot from a compressed VxWorks image on a file system?
G When I boot my target over an FTP connection the kernel is loaded in a couple of seconds, but then the symbol table takes a much more time. Why does the second phase take so much more time than the first part.
H When I startup my target and want to download my VxWorks image using an FTP session, and my ftp daemon is not yet available I have to manually restart my target or use the bootprompt to start my system. How can I avoid this?
I Is it possible to make a "multi-boot"?
J When I use a compressed VxWorks image a timeout resets my target before my VxWorks becomes active. Is it possible te reset the watchdog during the inflate?
K How do I create a boot-disk?
L When booting using the wu_ftpd shipped with RedHat 6.2 the booting hangs during the download.
M What does the "hostname" field in the boot-parameters mean?
N I boot from my Disk On Chip, but now I get unresolved symbols when I try to access a symbol.
O After copying the file BOOTROM.SYS to a disk my PC-board does not start.
P How can I create a bootable harddisk?
Q How to step to step boot vxworks via serial
2.4 A How do I add a new component to my configuration?
2.5 A How do I implement VME Bus Auto ID on the MVME-2604 Power PC. The BSP states it supports the VME-64 standard.
B Is it possible to configure vxWorks so that it makes use of external VME memory as part of the local memory?
C Another card on the VME bus is generating a bus error. How can I avoid that my SW will be stoppen by this error?
2.6.1 A When I define more than 10 serial lines I only get 10 serial lines.
2.6.2 A When I create a new bootable project all items in the VxWorks tab are marked as "not installed". How can I get these back?
2.7 A Information about PCI configuration.
3.1 A All my files on the disk have the date 1 Jan 1980. How can I get the system to use the actual date?
B When I create a file with a size of 0 on a removable medium with VxWorks and run Scandisk on a PC on this filesystem, Scandisk complains about Incorrect file size. This in only the case if the size is 0.
C With the new disk partition manageger which is part of the dosFs2.0 release, is there an elegant means to mount all the valid partitions?
D Is it possible to use FTP with the raw file system?
E When I create a direcory chkdsk complains at the next reboot.
F Why does the task 'dCacheUpd' take so much of the processortime?
G How can I unmount a DOS-filesystem?
H Why does a file, when deleted on the target, still appear on the NFS exported drive?
I With DosFS2 some of our files started disappearing.
J What is the maximum number of files in a directory?
3.2 A When my system boots from network the network link is opened, but when I use TFFS as a boot device the network is not opened.
B Can I use long filenames with TFFS?
C I want to use TFFS with a Raw file system. Is this possible?
D Is there an alternative for TFFS?
E I am having problems getting TFFS to work with StataFlash chips.
F How can I defragment a TFFS volume?
G How can I access a TFFS device using raw I/O after it was mounted?
H How can I format a 128 Mbyte device? I can only see 32 Mbyte.
I How can I reduce wear by updating the "Last Accessed" field?
J Why do I get a "S_dosFsLib_FD_OBSOLETE" once in a while, when I keep a file open?
K After moving from T2.0 to T2.2 TFFS gives compilation errors on tlTable in tffsConfig.c.
3.3 A I try to create a floppy device using usrFdConfig(0,0,"/fd0/") as suggested in the programmer's manual, but I always get the "dosFsDevInit() failed" error message. How can I avoid this message and have the system create the device?
3.4 A When I use the RAM-disk as supplied with DosFS2 (configured using the item Hardware->Peripherals->RAM Disk with MSDOS filesystem) it is formatted every time I startup, even if I assign a seperate memory area.
3.5 A Also when I open a large file it seems that VxWorks is allocating memory to store the complete file, and the open fails when not enough memory is available.
B What is the maximum number of open file descriptors in VxWorks? Is it configurable?
C I would like to use more than 256 files in a select. Is this possible?
D Is it possible to use files larger than 4 Gbytes?
E I cannot mount my ATA CDROM drive
F How can I convert from "file pointer" (fp) to "file description" (fd)
G When closing a file I get the errno 226.
H Should I use "/tffs0" or "/tffs0/" when creating a filesystem?
I Announcement of the Linux based VXEXT1.0 implementation
J How can I switch off output to the shell window?
4.1 A How can I make my target vissible from other subnets?
B What is the correct sequence of function calls to install multiple END drivers and attach them to protocols
C How do I disable IP packet forwarding from one interface to another?
D How can I tune the performance of the network stack?
E How do I change the MAC-address of an interface?
F How to delete a IP address added by ifAddrAdd()
G How can I get the default gateway from the bootline to be the default gateway?
H How do I change the IP address of an interface?
I Once every 20 minutes I loose one UDP message.
J When I try to connect a lot of interfaces to the Mux it fails with the 8th interface I try to connect.
K How do I change the timeout on UDP fragmentation?
L How can I get the IP address and port number of an open socket?
4.2 A On bootup of my system I get an "arp info overwritten" message.
B Does any one know why I get this msg: 0xf7bf88 (tNetTask): arptnew failed on 50f22423
C How can I change the ARP timeout?
D I get the following error: arpresolve: can't allocate llinfo0x4f5a88. What does this mean?
4.3 A Example of a lease storage routine and address storage routine for use in a DHCP server.
B I have a problem in using the DHCP to get an IP address for the device that I am using.
C When I start a DHCP server on a port other ports stop working after some time.
D After upgrading to Torndado 2.0.2 (aka T2CP4) the Solaris DHCP-server rejects the first 4 discover packets as being "short"
E How can I get a NT server to send the right parameters back after a DHCP request?
F When I enable the DHCP client I cannot connect anymore using WDB.
G My target does not accept the DHCP offer.
4.4 A When I send files to my target using FTP small files fail often, but larger don't have any problem at all.
B What is the meaning of all the ftp global variables?
C How do I change the priority of the TFTP-task?
D Is there source code available for an FTP server?
E How can I enable the debug information of the FTP server?
F I am having problems connecting to the Windows XP FTP server.
G Ftp Server Bug on PWD command
H Is there a maximum size for a file to be transferred using FTP?
I Are there security issues with the VxWorks FTP server?
J How can I set the default path of the FTP server?
4.5.1 A How do I make a connection between my Windows 95 machine and my target using PPP over a null-modem cable?
4.5.2 A How do I make a connection between my Windows NT machine and my target using PPP over a null-modem cable?
4.5.3 A How do I build a network connection using PPP?
4.6 A When I do a send using a socket connection to a second system, and this system crashes, the send still returns OK. How do I detect that the other side has failed?
B After I used a lot of sockets my system stalls for 10 to 15 seconds. What is causing this delay?
4.7 A How can I use my own command line interface using Telnet, instead of using the target shell?
B How can I change the priority of the telnet task?
4.8 A Does anyone point me in what is needed to support development of server/client TCP - BSD stream sockets applications using a NT platform with Microsoft Visual C/C++ (or Visual Studio) ?
B Has anyone succeed using an etherInputHook on an END style ethernet driver?
C Is there a TCP dump utility available for VxWorks?
D At boottime I get a "dc0 - no carrier" error. What does this mean?
E Is there any vxworks routine to get the default gateway address on a vxworks target?
F How do I get the MAC address using the VxWorks API?
G Is well-known port 7 implemented, and if not, how can I implement this?
H When calling netPoolDelete,does the memory get freed?
J Is there a rsh deamon for VxWorks?
M Problems with high speed networks and netTask.
N How can I get a list of all network devices?
O What is the difference between BSD and END style drivers?
P Why does MuxDevUnload followed by a MuxDevLoad cause a crash?
5.1 A When I download some C++ code my target crashes, even when I don't start anything.
B What is the syntax of "taskSpawn" for spawning a method of an object (C++) as a task.
C How can I call a C++ function from within a C-file?
D What is the preferred extension for C++ files?
E Gotcha with C++ static constructors and GCC 2.95.x (PPC)
5.2 A Is there any instance where msgQDelete can be blocking?
5.3 A In my BSP there is an intConnect, but no intDisconnect. How can I disconnect a function from a interrupt?
B What does "workQPanic: Kernel work queue overflow" mean?
C What does the function "__get_eh_context" do?
D After calling intlock it seems that the interrupts are not locked when looking at the interrupt control register.
5.4 A When I try to load a module with unresolved externals the function loadModule returns a module-ID instead of returning NULL, as described in the manual. How do I detect if there are unresolved externals?
B The ld command, run from a script, is behaving differently on a UNIX and an NT box.
5.4A A The VxWorks port of an alternative code for dynamic memory allocation, made by Doug Lea.
B One of my tasks in getting suspended all the time, in memPartFree. What is causing this?
5.5 A Has anyone ported pthreads.h from Linux to VxWorks?
B Is there a way to implement the VxWorks API on top of pthreads?
5.6 A When I do a hard reboot the system reacts differently than when using Ctrl-X.
5.7 A It looks like the priority inversion mechanism is not working correctly.
5.8 A How can I start multiple simulators on NT and have these communicating?
B How do I increase the memory of the simulator?
C How can I have 2 simulators communicate with eachother on Win2K box?
D The font in my VxSim window is very small.
E How can I make 2 simulators communicate on a Solaris box?
5.9 A What is the use of taskDelay(0)?
B How do I use taskInit?
C How do I get the real priority of a task?
D Question about order of execution for a taskDelete(taskIdSelf).
E How can I build a stack-trace?
F What is the syntax of "taskSpawn" for spawning a method of an object (C++) as a task.
G How can I detect a stack overflow?
H I want to block a task until all children are in a certain state (initialised, finished, etc.).
I What are +T, +I thingies in the "i" output?
5.10 A I would like to know how to measure the system time at a specific moment, then at another moment, only a few milliseconds later, to determine elapsed time.
B When I create a timer function my program crashes after the time specified instead of executing the function I specified. What is happening?
C How do I determine the number of ticks remaining in a watchdog timer?
D Errors in the time modules.
E How can I create a repeat with a small delay without using busy-waiting?
F How can I monitor the processor-load?
G Can you give an example on how to use timers?
H Rollover in the SNMP variable sysUpTime after around 2,5 days.
I When a timer expires, the connected routine will execute in which task context?
J What is the difference between the watchdog library of VxWorks and the Posix watchdog mechanism?
K How do I connect a callback to the SNTP server?
5.11 A When I load a page from this server it takes a lot of time to load all the items on this page. How can I increase the speed?
B A page loads good with Netscape, but IE seems to hang on an applet.
5.12 A How can I get the current cursor position?
B Are there any alternatives to Zinc?
C How can I avoid that a combobox blocks input to a editbox?
D How can I save and restore the contents of the screen?
E How can I use a telephone-like keypad to enter alphanumerics?
F OpenGL programs running under VxWorks
5.13 A How can I decode the error numbers?
B How can I have a task that causes an (bus)error to continue after this occurs?
C How can I use compression in my application?
D How can I autostart a loaded module.
E How can I check if the memory heap is corrupted?
F How can I get the VxWorks and kernel version?
5.14 A [AE] How can I access a fixed address register from within a user level domain?
B [AE] How can I spawn an application domain task from a privileged domain?
6.1 A How do I create a hard delay in my task?
6.2 A How do I find memory leaks?
6.3 A Where can I find a Corba engine that runs under VxWorks?
6.4 A What web servers are available?
B My Http Server "sleeps" for a period between 30 sec to 1 min after 12 requests, and it begins to response again after that.
6.5 A How do I synchronise time using NTP?
6.6 A What is the performance of VxWorks on my target?
6.7 A How do I generate the Envoy SNMP server?
B How do I extend the Envoy SNMP agent?
C Where can I find some information about (free) SNMP managers?
6.8 A I want to use PC-Lint, how do I configure it you be used with Tornado?
6.9 A Is there an encryption library for VxWorks?
6.10 A Information about Scheme for Vxworks
9.1 A Links overview: VxWorks introduction links and help pages
9.2 A Links overview: Extensions to VxWorks
9.3 A Links overview: Other links
9.4 A Links overview: Some FTP sites
mbx860.1.1 A File changes for MBX860 BSP
mbx860.1.2 A Include TFFS
mbx860.1.3 A Error generated after including the COM driver
B Support more srial ports
C Use second SMC in MBX860
mbx860.2 A When I include TFFS I get an error message about undefined symbols (mountFTL and formatFTL).
mbx860.3 A How do I define more serial channels than only one, as defined in the BSP?
mcp750.2 A How do I add ATA HDD support to my BSP?
mv23xx.2 A Adding PCI support to a MV2308 board
mv23xx.3 A How do I read the TOD clock on a MVME2300 board?
mv23xx.4 A Information on the MVME2700 printer port.
sim-nt.2 A How do I run a VxSIM with 32 Mbyte memory?
pc-bsp.1.1 A Changes to syslib.c
pc-bsp.1.2 A Setting TOD clock
pc-bsp.1.3 A When I startup my PC-target nothing happens on my serial port, but the normal keyboard and display are used.
pc-bsp.2 A When I want to use the keyboard on my PC-target nothing happens. How can I make this keyboard work?
pc-bsp.3 A I am using T2/x86 (PentiumPro BSP) and trying to get 3C905B-TXNM PCI NIC working. The NIC itself seems to be fine, 3COM's DOS-based test tool identifies it correctly. I haven't changed anything in the NIC's configuration.
B How do I get 2 79C973 NIC's working?
C My target is crashing when I initialize the Intel 82559ER with a cable attached.
D How do I creae a bootrom that uses PXE
pc-bsp.4 A I am using an SC400 processor (AMD 486 compatible) with floating point emulation in SW. But when I do some floating point emulation I get an exception.
pc-bsp.5 A How do I get the Pentium TSC register to free-run as Intel intended?
pc-bsp.6 A How can I change the video mode on a PC to 320x200?
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